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Assist the owner to manage time, cost, people effectively and control closely, promptly and accurately in the management of electricity trading, water supply, water treatment, waste disposing and leasing land between enterprises and investors in industrial park.
Assist the company in managing time, cost and human resources effectively; control timely, rigidly, fast, accurately manner in the management of warehouse import and export, expenses, debts, human resources, salary.
Introduce overview, activities, investment policies, event news about LJIP industrial zones to domestic and foreign investors. In addition, the investor creates cohesion, exchange and learning between enterprises and investors through internal information, exchange and inquiry through the internal forum.
Assist the staff to manage import and export petroleum declarations with the customs office, conveniently to look up the status of tax payment for declarations at all times and places, manage the extension of tax declarations to customs according to regulations, manage tax declaration deadline, make some reports to Petrolimex Corporation.
Assist staff to manage barge, cargo ships according to customers, manage the operation of barges scale, petrol of Petrolimex Sai Gon as well as customers. Manage the capacity scale by each barge that convenient for import, export Petroleum. Plan calibration and issue capacity table for each cargo ships.
Assist staff to manage facilities for gasoline counting. To manage the certification issuing and calibration for petrol measuring facilities at the company as well as at petrol and oil retail stores of Petrolimex Sai Gon.
Automation in the export of gasoline at the wharf, pier, depot of Petrolimex Saigon as tight, fast, accurate in managing petroleum.
Support in management, commission calculation, follow, monitoring, statistics, analysis and evaluation of products and services of business cooperation between cooperation partners and Mobifone Regional 2 companies.
Assist the District and Ward to manage effectively, closely the information, business lines, operation status, violations status, the process of post-check and quick reference of enterprises and business households in the area. Automation in the management of the state mechanism.